Total Hash: 1.4MH/s Round Shares: 24 Round Time: 3296:7 difficulty: 0.17
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possible forked, suggest not mine is a Anoncoin pool. Anoncoin mining allows you to make money with your computer (even when you are AFK), and pooled mining helps you to get a faster payouts.

How to start
  1. Register account
  2. Download Client
  3. Download any of this Anoncoin miners
  4. Start the miner (How to start)
  5. Put your Anoncoin address into your profile
  6. Relax for a day, get a payment, convert your Anoncoin to Bitcoin on a market

Our advantages
  • Long Polling support
  • automatic and instant payout support
  • 2% Fee!
  • How does Anoncoin pool work?
    reward was given
    7(anc)*0.98* (shares submited by user's workers) / (total shares in current round)
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